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Adam Bartkiewicz

Interim CEO at portfolio companies

Adam steers the helm as the Interim CEO at Digital Ocean Ventures, guiding the fintech and e-commerce ship with a steady hand and a keen eye for innovation. His command of automation, no-code tools, and artificial intelligence maps out the uncharted territories of the tech industry for startups and established companies alike.

A seasoned navigator, Adam has plotted successful courses for industry leaders such as Allegro, ING, Onet, Santander, STS, Volkswagen, and Modivo.His passion for nurturing new talent and ideas sees him at the forefront of mentorship with Youth Business Poland, where he empowers young entrepreneurs to set sail toward success. Further anchoring his commitment to fostering ingenuity, Adam has crafted the Academy of Innovation at SWPS University, a crucible for cultivating the innovators of tomorrow.As the custodian of, he shares his compass of wisdom with those embarking on their product discovery voyages.


Adam Bartkiewicz



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