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New Venture Builder and Interim-CEO

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Who we are:

There are a lot of promising start-ups with fantastic products or services. Sadly, a majority of them fail in the long run. Why does that happen so often? Is it because of a lack of vision? Or is it a question of poor execution or simply a lack of experience? Navigating these unchartered waters requires an exceptional team to conquer the digital ocean that surrounds us. That is the reason we decided to create Digital Ocean Ventures. 

Up to this point, we have sailed through many waters in our careers. As former corporate seamen, we spent 15+ years building brands and ventures that achieved market success, but sometimes we just ended up wasting our time on ineffective work, slow decision making and cumbersome procedures. Hence, we have the intention that such values as partnership, transparency, trust and aspiration to think big, will guide our own company.

Currently, we are looking for people who share these values and are willing to go after their dreams. People who want to test the limits of what is possible and are not afraid to swim against the tide. 

Our goal is to launch new companies in the fintech and e-commerce space, so we are looking for a manager who will build a new venture from scratch and will take responsibility for its development at an early stage. 


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